January 2015

Greetings to all Brethren and Sisters and good friends
who support JCR

Many grateful thanks You will recall how repeatedly we have attributed the tremendous progress we have made in the last 4 years to the support of our Heavenly Father. Sometimes His support seems to be almost miraculous such as the way we were guided to NMV Transport our new distributor to Israel and Eastern Europe. But mostly He seems to encourage us through the involvement of literally hundreds of Brethren, Sisters and friends. The most recent indication of this is
the surge of financial help received in response to our recent appeal.
We have used the word surge before to describe the amazing flow of clothing sent to us and we hope you will agree as you look at the figures below just how appropriate the use of the word is in this case too. Income 2014 January to October £23,500 Appeal went out 10th Nov.
November and December £28,700 !!

The yearly income figure includes £19,000(personal) £27,000(ecclesial) and £5,700 (recycling).
We have tried, where possible to acknowledge donations personally, but we have received several cheques and transfers where no address or contact details have been given. To you all we give our sincere thanks for the huge support we have received.

Expenditure 2014
This includes collection bins, packing boxes, new clothing, distribution, and wool for our knitters.

With the help of brethren and sisters making regular monthly donations, we are pleased to report that our likely expenditure for 2015 will be covered by your generosity, for which we are most grateful.

With love in our Lord to you all.

David and Jacqueline Griffin.

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